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Fargo’s Best Tacos Since 1961

Founded in 1961 with a vision to popularize Mexican food in North Dakota, Taco Shop 1825 University Dr S has been serving Fargo-Moorhead for over half a century now. From Mexican style burritos, tacos and enchiladas to tostadas, grinders, fried ice cream, and more, we have a menu with something for everyone. We have two great restaurant locations in Fargo for your convenience. We're glad to state that we've been one of the longest-operating restaurants in the FM area. The original hot sauce and taco meat recipes served today are the same as they were nearly 60 years ago. Visit us to grab some of the best tacos in Fargo!

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Taco Shop Fargo, ND University Dr Menu Favorites

Dive into a culinary fiesta at Taco Shop! Explore the University Dr menu page for breakfast burritos and scrambles. Irresistible Mexican style food on the go for lunch & dinner. All served at two of Fargo’s best restaurant locations.

Start your day right at Taco Shop 1825 University Dr S restaurant in Fargo! The perfect morning starts with breakfast burritos and Southwest scramblers from our breakfast menu.

Savor Fargo's favorite Mexican style food at Taco Shop. Explore our lunch & dinner menus with iconic taco and burrito flavors, a culinary delight awaits!

Elevate your taste with Fargo's best grinders at Taco Shop 1825 University Dr South! Choose ham, salami, turkey, or taco meat. Discover flavor on our grinder sandwich menu.

Build your Own Tacos, Nachos & More

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Transform your events with Taco Shop's best catering in Fargo, ND! Elevate gatherings with our pickup options - from sizzling fajita bars to tantalizing taco, burrito, nacho, and taco salad bars. Immerse your guests in the best flavors, where every bite tells a delicious story. Discover the art of catering great food at Taco Shop Fargo, making your celebrations extraordinary with a symphony of Mexican style food favorites. Order now and let us bring the fiesta to your doorstep!

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Join the Taco Shop family! Explore career opportunities in Fargo with our online job application. Embrace a flavorful journey in a dynamic workplace.

Taco Shop Fargo, ND Restaurant Locations

Discover the best Fargo restaurants at Taco Shop! Find directions, order online, or contact us. Your journey to great tasting Mexican style food begins at our Fargo restaurant locations.

Indulge in Mexican culinary excellence at Taco Shop, 1825 University Dr S. Explore vibrant flavors, order online, and find directions to our savory destination.

Savor Mexican delights at Taco Shop, 4474 23rd Ave S. Immerse in flavorful experiences, order online, and find directions to our vibrant culinary haven.